Special Event Planning

Create your perfect vacation at Condo Xalteva

Some moments in life are significant enough to commemorate.  By celebrating these milestones you can reinforce what matters most.  We at Condo Xalteva know the importance of taking time to celebrate and want to help you acknowledge your accomplishments whether it is a birthday, personal milestone, holiday, family reunion, lunch or dinner catering, or business meeting.  We can help you plan all of your special moments.  Our talented team of responsive, caring individuals are ready to provide you personalized services to turn your dream into a reality.  We offer a variety of amenities to help customize unforgettable moments.  By knowing more about you, we can help you plan everything from flower arrangements and towel designs to romantic dinners, small event planning and a myriad of tours and activities.

Great accommodations are only the beginning at Condo Xalteva.  Please ask to speak to our top notch event and activity planner to see what Condo Xalteva can do for you.