Condo / Hotel Xalteva’s cancellation policy

  •   Condos Hotel Xalteva requires a deposit by way of Paypal to reserve a room or suite. This information will be sent via email and you will be notified of the amount of deposit required of your reservation type from reception staff and/or owner D. Jay Snyder.
  •   Condo/Hotel Xalteva only accepts deposits in cash, checks from a local Nicaraguan bank, PayPal or bank transfer.
  •   A reservation is made only after receiving confirmation of deposit. The balance of the stay is to be paid upon check-in and the prior deposit will be used as a credit against the remainder of your stay
  •   Room availability is subject to change until deposit is received.
  •   Two weeks advance notice by email is required for cancellation of a reservation of one week or greater.
  •   One week advance notice by email is required for cancelation of any reservation for less than one week.
  •   Partial stay will be charged to the client in case of insufficient notice and/ or no-show situations dependant on length of stay of reservation. In both cases, the deposit amount is forfeited.
  •   Exceptions will be made only in the case of medical emergency or death in family. In the case of an emergency the deposit will act as a credit towards a future stay.
  •   Receipt of your deposit will imply that you are in agreement with the above policies.