Condo Hotel Xalteva in Granada, Nicaragua

Condo Hotel Xalteva in Granada, Nicaragua

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Hotel Xalteva is one of the best hotels in Granada Nicaragua and also the first of it’s kind. It combines timeless colonial design with modern conveniences. Located in the safe residential neighborhood of Xalteva, the name “Xalteva” (pronounced “al-TAY-vah”), refers to the original indigenous peoples who were in Granada before the Spanish Conquest. Built in 2007, by visionary/founder/president D. Jay Snyder they are the first available condominiums in this beautiful colonial city of Granada whose mission is, “To create and provide comprehensive comfort, value and lifestyle options to all guests and visitors whether it be for a transit traveler or a lifelong resident” through, “high quality attention to details, customer service, employee training and development and support of the local culture and environment.”

It is a unique oasis of graceful archways and scenic balconies along with a peaceful garden area where one can pass the time swinging in a hammock. Upon entering the property, through a set of locally handcrafted wooden doors, one is greeted by friendly English speaking staff, a beautiful pool and cascading fountains. Start your morning under the palapa bar with a cup of regional coffee, fresh bread and exotic fruits.

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Let us spend the time planning your activities so you can spend your time enjoying them. Here are some ideas.more details… Find out more about Nicaragua and Granada including some history, climate, safety & suggestions for you.more details… Consider renting a colonial home. Take a look at what else we have to offer.more details…


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The enchanting Spanish colonial city of Granada is one of the first in the Americas and was once amongst the most affluent due to it’s location on the shores of Lake Nicaragua.

Though Granada’s riches were lost in the last century’s wars, the history filled, old adobe buildings which remain today, have been restored and transformed into an assortment restaurants, spirited bars and unique shops.

Whether your time in Nicaragua is brief or you have planned an extensive stay, we would like to help you make it memorable. Give us the opportunity to assist you with your itinerary and your questions.  Your time should be spent enjoying Nicaragua not planning it.

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Some moments in life are significant enough to commemorate. By celebrating these milestones you can reinforce what matters most. We at Condo/Hotel Xalteva know the importance of taking time to celebrate and want to help you acknowledge your accomplishments whether it is a birthday, personal milestone, holiday, family reunion, lunch or dinner catering, business meeting or just drinks. We can help you plan all of your special moments. Our talented team of responsive, caring individuals are ready to provide you personalized services to turn your dream into a reality. Our palapa bar is the perfect place to gather. We offer a variety of amenities to help customize unforgettable moments. By knowing more about you, we can help you plan everything from flower arrangements and towel designs to romantic dinners, small event planning and a myriad of tours and activities.